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View to Morro Rock from Morro Bay

Tranquil Morro Bay.
Lapping waves and the serene calls of over 200 species of birds soothe the ear and calm the spirit.

Peregrine falcons take refuge at the ancient rock. Egret & blue heron wade in the shallow waters.

Local boats are available for visitors who are looking for a pleasant way to enjoy the spirit of the bay.

Great Blue Heron by Morro Bay

Fishing Boat With Happy Anglers in Morro Bay
Local fishing boats bring in their catch from the open sea, delighting visitors with the freshest of quality seafood

Tall Ships in Morro Bay

Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain visits Morro Bay

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Special Events

Pool at Hearst Castle, just North of Morro Bay Nearby Hearst Castle welcomes visitors from the world over

Dramatic Montana de Oro State Park shares its beauty

Montana de Oro - Late in the Day
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